Rome Conference on SDG16

Tuesday, May 28, 2019
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Conflict Prevention
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Our WPS Programme Director, Abigail Ruane, attended the conference "Peaceful, Just, and Inclusive Societies: SDG 16 Implementation and the path towards leaving no one behind" in Rome from 27-29 May, as part of her role as a Global Organizing Partner for the Women's Major Group. She also attended the Civil Society Open Day on 26 May, in preparation for the conference. 

See the conference concept note here and agenda here. The conference livestream can be found here.

At the conference, a group of Civil Society Organizations came together to produce a declaration, entitled "Amplified Commitments and Partnerships for Accelerated Action: Rome Civil Society Declaration on SDG16+". It was delivered through an accompanying civil society statement

Document PDF: 

Concept Note: SDG 16 Conference in preparation for HLPF 2019

Rome EGM Report Summary, SDG 16 Conference 2019: Peace, Just and Inclusive Societies

Concept Note, HLPF 2019 Preparation: Expert Group Meeting on SDG Implementation

Draft Agenda, Preparation for HLPF 2019: SDG 16 Implementation and the Path Towards Leaving No One Behind

Preparation for HLPF 2019: Publications and Other Materials on SDG 16 (by UN entities and partners)