Welcoming the continuing efforts of the Afghan Government to advance the peac...

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Human Rights
Sexual and Gender-Based Violence
Displacement and Humanitarian Response
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Welcoming the continuing efforts of the Afghan Government to advance the peace and reconciliation process, including by the High Peace Council and the implementation of the Afghanistan Peace and Reconciliation Programme, to promote an inclusive, Afghan-led dialogue on reconciliation and political participation as laid forth in the 20 July 2010 Kabul Conference Communiqué on dialogue for all those who renounce violence, have no links to international terrorist organizations, including Al-Qaida, respect the constitution, including its human rights provisions, notably the rights of women, and are willing to join in building a peaceful Afghanistan, and as further elaborated in the principles and outcomes of the 5 December 2011 Bonn Conference Conclusions supported by the Government of Afghanistan and the international community, with full respect for the implementation of measures and application of the procedures introduced by the Security Council in its resolutions 1267 (1999), 1988 (2011) and 2082 (2012) as well as other relevant resolutions of the Council, calling on all relevant states to remain engaged in the peace process, and recognizing the impact terrorist attacks have on the Afghan people and risk having on future prospects for a peace settlement,