Breaking the Silence: Monologues on Gender, Voice and Violence

UN Conference Room 5

On Friday, 20th February 2015, The PeaceWomen Programme along with the Mission of Liechtenstein and the Liechtenstein Institute for Self-Determination at Princeton University organized the most unique Lecture Series yet. The event featured a series of monologues created by Suzan Craig and Katrina Syran with Human Rights Watch and WILPF, aimed at humanizing the discourse around issues of violence around the conflict spectrum. 

The monologues  titled "Breaking the Silence: Monologues on Gender, Voice and Violence", and performed by actors Katarina Syran, Adam James, Fraser James, Charlotte Longfield, Amelia Donkor and Gemma Aston, addressed issues ranging from modern day slavery to war time violence against men and sexual slavery, to forced virginity testing. Through individual stories, the performances conveyed powerful messages of escape, determination and catharsis, such as, "wings are not only for birds, they are for minds," and "no one can take anything from you, if you don't give it to them." 

The monologues were reminder of the importance of women's participation and role during conflict and post-conflict settings, and the power of theater as a vehicle of expression for women. 

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Breaking the Silence Invitation