Women Peacebuilders in Fiji Commemorate Resolution 1325

Wednesday, March 24, 2010
National Council of Women Fiji (NCWF)

The resolution is also an acknowledgement of all the women, across the world, who have been working for peace in their countries, just as women, from all faiths, came together during the Blue Ribbon Peace Vigil in 2000 here in Suva, and today continue to work and pray for peace in our country. In our own pacific island region, we also remember our sisters in Papua New Guinea/Bouganville, Solomon Islands, West Papua and other
countries who are also working for Peace. At a global level, as we hear through the news, with all the discussions and debates currently highlighting the very important need for Global Peace.

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Women Peacebuilders in Fiji Commemorate Resolution 1325, NCWF, 2010