Gender Training & Fragile States: What Works?

Sunday, January 20, 2008
The Gender and Peacebuilding Working Group (GPWG); Oxfam Canada

The Monterrey Consensus and the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness represent an international trend towards accountability and evaluations of effectiveness. This trend is evident in many of the international organizations working in conflict-affected and fragile state settings. It is equally evident in the Government of Canada's use of the results-based management framework. In this climate, assessments of the results of gender training programs and gender equality strategies are all the more important in demonstrating the utility and the limits of gender training in achieving its objectives. The 2008 workshop, “Gender, Security, and Fragile State: What Works in Gender Training,” focused on the gender training needs and experiences of those working in insecure environments, with the aim of strengthening Canadian capacity in this area, as a contribution to global standards.

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Gender Training & Fragile States: What Works?, KTKF, 2008