No Safe Place: An Assessment on Violence against Women in Kosovo

Saturday, April 1, 2000
United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM)

This report is a result of a three-month project on violence against women in the Kosovar Albanian community intended to assist in the development of policies, programs and projects by institutions and organizations in Kosovo. It was undertaken from January until early April in the year 2000. project was designed to provide maximum opportunities for local women to voice their concerns and formulate solutions. The methodology involved in depth interviews with groups of women, interviews with some men in the community and questionnaires. Past and present manifestations of violence were examined in three categories; violence by known men, violence by state agents and violence by unknown men. Most information yielded was connected to domestic violence, and at least half of the research time was spent looking at this issue. Due to the nature of the other two issues, human rights investigators and law enforcement officials were key in providing insights.1 The research team included one international consultant working in partnership with a local consultant, supplemented on a few occasions by other researchers working on a daily basis. Assessments took place throughout Kosovo with ten rural and urban communities

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