Cambodia: In the Shadow of the Khmer Rouge--On the Record: Women of Southeast Asia Fight Violence

Tuesday, March 9, 1999
Laura McGrew, Craig Etcheson
South Eastern Asia

In the first article Laura McGrew looks at the astonishing abuse and violence suffered by Cambodian women during the Khmer Rouge rule, and argues that forced marriage in particular should be covered by the statute of any tribunal. Craig Etcheson, from the International Monitor Institute, sets out the case for a tribunal and details the many failed attempts to call the Khmer Rouge to account. Finally, Laura McGrew agrees that the Khmer Rouge must be brought to justice, but warns that 20 years of inconsistency towards the murderous Khmer Rouge movement by the Cambodian government and the international community could make it hard for Cambodians to take a clear position. This, she says, makes it doubly important that their views are thoroughly consulted before any decisions are taken.

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