Drafting and Adopting National Action Plans for the Implementation of Resolution 1325 in the Countries of Southeast Europe

Friday, January 1, 2010
Regional Women's Lobby For Peace, Security and Justice in Southeast Europe
Bosnia and Herzegovina

In the lead up to this year's ten year anniversary in October of UN Security Council Resolution1325 (2000) there has been a global push to increase the number of National Action Plans onimplementation. In our region of Southeast Europe NAPs are currently being drafted in Serbiaand Bosnia and Herzegovina, and anticipated in Montenegro. In multi-stakeholder discussions onthe process of developing a NAP, experts have pointed to the need to focus on clear, realistic andattainable objectives; to include cross-government strategies in the drafting and implementationprocess; to develop a strong monitoring and evaluation framework; and to ensure thatcommitments are made towards budget allocations for implementation.

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1325 in Southeast Europe, Regional Women\'s Lobby For Peace Security & Justice Southeast Europe, 2010