Will Afghan Women be the Taliban's Spoils of War?

Sunday, August 1, 2010
Ursula Plassnik
Southern Asia

Sustainable peace invariably builds on improving the living conditions and perspectives of the majority of the population. Thus, the work undertaken by the international community in Afghanistan simply cannot afford to neglect, ignore, or exclude the women. Let us be clear. This is a matter of geopolitics, not just of women's liberation.
In any society, women are natural stabilizers owing to their roles in families and communities – even more so in conflict or post-conflict societies. They not only constitute more than 50 percent of the population but also educate 100 percent of the children, girls and boys alike. It is the women who largely transmit role models. They are indispensable security agents in their respective societies

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Will Afghan women be the Taliban\'s spoils of war_Plassnik_2010