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Saturday, September 25, 2010
Ambassador Miguel Berger
Western Europe
Peacewomen Comment: 

This statement was made on September 25, 2010 at "A 1325 Call to Action", ministerial meeting in preparation for the 10th anniversary of Security Council Resolution 1325. It is hosted as part of the Commitments Database project (

Secretary General, Excellencies, dear colleagues,

Germany attaches great importance to the issue of “women, peace and security”, therefore we commend Canada as the Chair of the group of friends of 1325 for organizing this impor-tant event.

10 years after RES 1325 it is time to present concrete and substantial results on the ground. We all have to admit that apart of some successes, the objectives of this landmark resolution have still not been fully met.

Germany therefore welcomes the Secretary General's proposal of a set of indicators to measure progress, gaps and challenges in the implementation. In our opinion the new gen-der unit “UN Women” under the auspices of Ms Michelle Bachelet should have a leading role in tracking and monitoring these indicators, once they have been formally adopted.

We are here today to hear from each other how we can commit ourselves for a better imple-mentation of 1325. What can Member States do?

a) On the national level: The German Government regularly reports on the implementation of 1325 to its Parliament, the Third Implementation Report will be presented shortly.
b) On the regional level: Germany will join efforts to implement the European Union's indicators for the implementation of the resolution which are complemantary to the indicators presented by the General Secretary, both in its cooperation within the EU as well as in defining national programs and strategies.
c) On the international level: Germany has long been committed to help implement Resolution 1325 and has worked together with various partners all over the world. Out of a wide range of projects and cooperation programs I would like to point out the following:
-One project of cooperation which proved to be quite successful is a regional initiative for conflict resolution and prevention in East Africa, where an early warning system was set up, which includes gender-specific indicators for the prediction of social tensions.
- We also supported an important UNIFEM-project in Uganda which was dedicated to build up womens leadership skills, thus guaranteeing their representation and participation in sta-ble and democratic institutions.

We are of the opinion that awareness-raising and gender-training is crucial. We there-fore will commit ourselves, amongst other things, to the following:
- We will further support all UN Units in integrating a gender perspective into the work of Peacekeeping Missions and to strive to include more women in Peacekeeping Missions at all levels. We are therefore glad to be able to support DPKO in developing a “UN Police Standardized Training Curriculum on Investigation and Preventing Sexual and Gender-based Violence” by funding the entire project with 1,7 Mio $. The first of five seminars for female police officers will be held from 29 September to 03 October in Minneapolis/USA, the last in November 2010 in Germany.
- The fight against violence against women and girls is of the utmost importance to us. We are therefore willing to commit ourselves, and further contribute to programs and projects dedicated to the struggle against this scourge, as exemplified in the “UN Trust Fund on Vio-lence against Women”.

Minister Cannon, Excellencies,
Let me again thank you for bringing us all together here and may the commitments made today be only a first step of many more to follow towards globally implementing resolution 1325.

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A 1325 Call to Action, Germany, Sep 25 2010