Security Council Cross-cutting Report: Women, Peace & Security

Friday, January 27, 2012
Security Council

This is Security Council Report's second Cross-Cutting Report on Women, Peace and Security. The first report examined the first ten years that women, peace and security was on the Security Council agenda. Resolution 1325, passed in 2000, recognised that civilians, especially women and children, make up the vast majority of people adversely affected by armed conflict and called for mainstreaming a gender perspective into peacekeeping operations. This report continues assessing the influence of resolution 1325, and subsequent related resolutions, on the work of the Council. As part of this analysis it reviews recent developments in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, particularly mass rape in the Walikale region, and considers the Council's response as one example of its engagement with women, peace and security issues.

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SC Cross-cutting Report on Women, Peace & Security