Implementation of UNSCR 1325: Integration of Gender Sensitive Policies in the Security Sector of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Wednesday, October 24, 2012
Bosnia and Herzegovina

The project "Implementation of UNSCR 1325: Integration of gender sensitive policies in the security sector of Bosnia and Herzegovina " was developed in close cooperation of the NGO �ene �enama, the Agency for Gender Equality, Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees, and UN Women. The project was implemented by �ene �enama and the Agency for Gender Equality of B&H, as well as the Coordination Board for the implementation of the Action Plan for 1325 in B&H and ten local women's organizations.

The planned result of the project was to strengthen capacities of the Coordination Board and security sector to implement and promote the Action Plan on the UNSCR 1325. This was done by means of advancing the understanding about the different security needs of men and women and how to mainstream gender into policies and programs. The project also intended to contribute to the implementation of UNSCR 1325 at the local level, through cooperation with local NGOs and institutions, and to raise public awareness about the UNSCR 1325 and the Action Plan.

The Project implementation has included following activities:
• Six formal meetings of the Coordination Board
• Training of trainers (TOT) for the representatives of the Coordination Board
• Two seminars for representatives of the security sector and NGOs
• Ten workshops at the local level with representatives from the security sector, civil society organizations and local institutions
• Promotional campaign (dissemination of information, advocacy and public presentation – one TV and radio shows) at state, entity and local level.

Project activities were closely related to implementation of the objectives of the Action plan for the implementation of UNSCR 1325 in B&H, particularly:
1. The inclusion of women at all levels of decision-making processes
2. The incorporation of a gender perspective in the training of military and police.
3. The protection and promotion of human rights of women and girls
4. The cooperation and partnership of state institutions, and international and non-governmental organizations.

The main sustainable result of the project was its contribution to improved cooperation between state and entity institutions responsible for the implementation of the Action Plan and the establishment of communication of the institutions represented at the Coordination Board with local stakeholders. These results were achieved through capacity building that was focused on trainings of the representatives of the Coordination Board at state and entity level, and the security sector at entity and local level, as well as local authorities and other stakeholders, It is important to emphasize that the project helped state and entity institutions professionals to improve their training skills and develop closer cooperation with institutions and civil society organizations on local level.

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BOSNIA HERZEGOVINA: Implementation of UNSCR 1325