REPORT: 2013 Global Peace Index Report

Tuesday, June 11, 2013
Institute for Economics and Peace

Global Peace Index 2013 Results

Results from the GPI show that Iceland continues to be the most peaceful country, followed by Denmark and New Zealand. Small and stable democracies dominate the top 10 most peaceful countries. At the other end of the scale, Afghanistan has returned to the bottom of the scale.

--Europe is the most peaceful region, with 13 of the top 20 most peaceful countries
--Since 2008, 110 countries have become less peaceful, while 48 have improved their peace score
--The cost of containing violence is equivilent to 11% of global GDP
--Syria's GPI score has fallen by 70% since 2008, the biggest fall in the history of the GPI

Global Peace Index 2013 Report

The GPI report analyses trends in peace over the last six years, comparing the GPI to a number of other factors that help identify the key drivers of peace and the causes of violence. The research includes a new methodology for estimating the cost of violence to the global economy. In 2013, the cost of containing violence was US $9.46 trillion, which is equivalent to 11 per cent of global GDP.

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