RECOMMENDATIONS: Women's Major Group's Contribution for the 8th session of the OWG on the Sustainable Development Goals: Conflict Prevention, Post-conflict Peace-building and Promotion of Durable Peace and Rule of Law and Governance

Wednesday, February 19, 2014
Women's Major Group

Analysis and key recommendations
by the Women's Major Group

Peace is the basis for sustainable development. Living in a conflict-free society with enduring peace is a fundamental human right.
Just and sustainable peace represents not just the absence of war but also the elimination of all forms of violence –including sexual and gender-based violence – at the level of the household, community, society and state. Persistent conflict reverses development and hinders good governance. In times of instability, women suffer from increased gender-based and other forms of violence, and face particular obstacles to their full and meaningful participation and access to rights.
The gaps in progress attained under MDGs in conflict-affected countries are significant. While civil/communal conflicts impact on
daily human life, intra-state and inter-state conflicts result in humanitarian crises,insecurity, human rights violations, and loss of livelihoods which particularly affect refugees, internally displaced persons and migrants. Investing in women's equal participation and rights is critical to conflict prevention, sustainable development and peace.

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