REPORT: Three Years of Conflict and Displacement. How this Crisis is Impacting Syrian Women and Girls

Monday, March 17, 2014
International Rescue Commitee
Western Asia

The Syrian civil war has had a devastating impact on women and girls. Women and girls account for more than half of the seven million people displaced during the past three years and are consistently subject to serious forms of gender-based violence. Women and girls' efforts to escape the conflict in Syria have exposed them to serious risks, both during flight and as refugees in camps and cities in Iraq, Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon. Displaced women and girls from Syria report multiple forms of gender-based violence, such as forced and early marriage, domestic violence, sexual assault and rape, and exploitation and abuse. These incidents and risks of
violence often are exacerbated by social attitudes and practices that limit women and girls' mobility, potentially further increasing their isolation.

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Three years of conflict_How Syrian crisis is impacting women and girls