FIELD STUDY: "Varying Perceptions, One Outcome"

Monday, March 31, 2014
Western Asia

Field Study Regarding Women's Rights in Lebanon.

"Women's work in the economic sphere, and them being forced to assume
productive gender role came as economic necessity and not due to the
developing relations between the two genders, their liberation and
equality". This is one of the major outputs of a study conducted by ABAAD
and World Vision and launched in April 2014. The study focused on five major
aspects of women's human rights, and was designed to act as a survey of how
well women and men respondents are aware of the chosen rights and the
issues. The objective of this study is identifying the knowledge of
participating men and women of rights exercised mainly within the household
scope. They include gender equality issues, violence against women and its
forms, respecting women and their will within marriage (marital rape),
gender equality in citizenship rights and the rights of elderly women to own

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Field Study Monitoring the Attitudes and Perceptions of Women and Men Towards Women\'s Rights in Lebanon