Lebanon (S/2013/457)

Thursday, August 29, 2013
Report Analysis: 

Taking note of previous resolutions and the exchange of letters between the Lebanese Foreign Minister on 12 July 2013 and the Secretary-General on 31 July 2013 (S/2013/457), the UN Security Council adopted a resolution to renew the mandate of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) through 31 August 2014.

Women, peace and security receives one mention in SCR 2115, and that is with regards to the Secretary-General’s zero tolerance policy on sexual exploitation and abuse (para. 10).  In addition to calls for continued action to implement the policy and ensure full compliance, the Council also urges troop-contributing countries to take preventive and disciplinary action to ensure that such acts are properly investigated and punished.

The resolution offers no gender analysis beyond compliance with the Secretary-General’s zero tolerance policy.  It therefore neglects the importance of women’s representation, substantive involvement in peace processes, and human rights protection concerns, especially with the spillover from the Syria crisis.

In relation to the August 2013 MAP, SCR 2115 does address the need for UNIFIL to continue to take necessary steps to implement the Secretary-General’s zero tolerance policy, but does not call for gender-awareness training more broadly, nor for training of national forces or police.  It also fails to mention the spillover effects of the Syria crisis on Lebanese civilians including women and girls, and does not actively support women’s involvement at all stages of peace processes in the region.

No change from the previous resolution of 30 August 2012 (S/RES/2064).

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