Central African Republic (S/PV/7215)

Friday, July 11, 2014
Central African Republic
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The Security Council’s 7215th meeting on 11 July 2014 (S/PV.7215) focused on sanctions in the context of the situation in the Central African Republic.

The Security Council met on 11 July 2014 (S/PV.7215) to hear a briefing by Ambassador Raimonda Murmokaité, Permanent Representative of Lithuania, in her capacity as Chair of the Committee established pursuant to resolution 2127 (2013) on the sanctions in the Central African Republic.

Women, peace and security issues were mentioned once by Ambassador Murmokaité in the context of the 5 May briefing by the SRSG for Children and Armed Conflicts and on Sexual Violence in Conflict.  But it is important to highlight that sexual violence was a criteria for sanctions.

Several times Ambassador Murmokaité spoke about the ongoing atrocities and cycles of violence without including how women were affected.  She also spoke about the failed disarmament attempts without mentioning women. Further, she missed the opportunity to speak about how women are involved in the peace process, however, since this was a sanctions briefing, that may have fallen outside her briefing parameters.

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Central African Republic
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Central African Republic (S/PV/7215)