Security Council Resolution S/RES/2296: para. 4

PeaceWomen Consolidated Themes: 
Displacement and Humanitarian Response
Security Council Agenda Geographical Topic: 

4. Underlines that UNAMID must continue to give priority in decisions about the use of available capacity and resources to: (a) the protection of civilians across Darfur, including women and children, through, and without prejudice to the basic principles of peacekeeping, inter alia, continuing to move to a more preventive and pre-emptive posture in pursuit of its priorities and in active defence of its mandate; enhanced early warning; proactive military deployment and active and effective patrolling in areas at high risk of conflict and high concentration of IDPs; more prompt and effective responses to threats of violence against civilians, including through regular reviews of the geographic deployment of UNAMID’s force; securing IDP camps, adjacent areas and areas of return, including development and training of community policing; and (b) ensuring safe, timely and unhindered humanitarian access, and the safety and security of humanitarian personnel and activities, in accordance with relevant provisions of international law and the United Nations guiding principles on humanitarian assistance; and requests UNAMID to maximize the use of its capabilities, in cooperation with the UNCT and other international and non-governmental actors, in the implementation of its mission-wide comprehensive strategy for the achievement of these objectives;