Security Council Resolution S/RES/2296: para. 14

PeaceWomen Consolidated Themes: 
Justice, Rule of Law and Security Sector Reform
Security Council Agenda Geographical Topic: 

14. Reaffirms its support for a Darfur-based internal dialogue that takes place in an inclusive environment with full respect for the civil and political rights of participants, including the full and effective participation of women and IDPs; welcomes the release of $1 million by the Government of Sudan as half of its pledged contribution to the funding of the Darfur Internal Dialogue and Consultation (DIDC), which has allowed progress on the second phase of the DIDC, and calls on the Government of Sudan to speedily release the remainder of the pledge; welcomes the €800,000 pledge by the European Union to fund the DIDC; expresses concern that prevailing insecurity, and lack of adequate funding, could undermine effective implementation of future phases of the DIDC; calls on the Government of Sudan and the armed groups to ensure the necessary enabling environment; and requests UNAMID to continue to support, monitor and report on the development of the DIDC and the overall environment for it;