WILPF/PeaceWomen at AWID International 2016


WILPF’s Women, Peace and Security Programme Director, Dr Abigail Ruane, will be attending the 13th AWID International Forum in Bahia, Brazil on 8-11 September 2016. She will join a WILPF delegation of peace advocates from countries including Cameroon, DRC, Colombia, Chad, UK, Nigeria, India and Syria, who will meet with women’s civil society advocates from around the world to discuss the theme, “Feminist futures: building collective power for rights and justice.”

The Forum takes places every three to four years in a different region of the world each time including Istanbul, Cape Town, Bangkok and Guadalajara. WILPF participated in AWID’s 12th International Forum in 2012 hosting a session on women’s security and militarism, “From the Beijing Platform to Resolution 1325 - military expenditure and its consequences for women's security”.

At this forum, WILPF will be hosting a cross-movement session  “Feminist Playbook for Peace”. The session will build on the WILPF’s 2015 peace summit Women’s Power to Stop War (also known as WILPF 100th) and challenge assumptions of patriarchal inevitability and sustainability, to analyse the linkages between, neoliberalism, globalisation, militarism, and conflict and their impact - from local to global. It will explore how to create feminist solutions, strengthen alliances, share practical skills, and construct innovative strategies to transform existing structures, policies and approaches, prevent violence, and bring peace.

WILPF will be organising, sponsoring and participating in a number of AWID 2016 event, please see our event calendar. Very timely, WILPF’s Women, Peace and Security programme, PeaceWomen, will also be launching its brand new Women, Peace and Security Financing interactive toolkit to raise awareness of the need to #MoveTheMoney from war to peace and gender equality at AWID

Stay tuned for more information on the Feminist Playbook, the #MoveTheMoney project and other aspects of WILPF’s involvement in the AWID Forum!