The WPS National Focal Point Network

Spain, together with Canada, Chile, Japan, Namibia and the United Arab Emirates, officially launched the Women, Peace and Security Focal Points Network on 23 September 2016 in the recognition that national and regional efforts are vital for the full and effective implementation and coordination of the Women, Peace and Security (WPS) Agenda.

Encouraging all Member States and regional organisations to appoint WPS National Focal Points, the WPS National Focal Points Network serves to enable a closer coordination among Member States, and create a space to periodically share and exchange lessons learned and best practices, including on how to develop and review high-impact national strategies to advance these objectives and to integrate gender analysis in all security assessments and prevention approaches.

This Network is also an important tool for identifying and promoting partnerships with civil society and local organisations working on WPS issues; for encouraging predictable and sustained funding for WPS efforts; for promoting capacity building at a local, national and regional level for a variety of actors working on WPS; promoting the development and implementation of high-impact National Action Plans on WPS; and for aligning such national WPS strategies with related strategies and policies,  such as those aimed at preventing and countering violent extremism.