Resolution 2331, Participation

PeaceWomen Consolidated Themes: 

Emphasizing the importance of engaging religious and traditional leaders, paying particular attention to amplifying the voices of women and girls alongside men and boys, with the objective of countering terrorism and violent extremism which can be conducive to terrorism, refuting the justification of trafficking in persons in the context of armed conflict and sexual or other violence in conflict, addressing the stigmatization suffered by survivors and facilitating their return and reintegration in families and communities,

“3.   Encourages Member States to:

(a)   Build strong partnerships with the private sector and civil society, including local women organizations, and to redouble their efforts by encouraging these actors to provide information helping to identify, disrupt, dismantle and bring to justice individuals and networks involved in trafficking in persons in areas affected by armed conflict, including by training relevant officials such as law enforcement personnel, border control officers, labour inspectors, consular or embassy officials, judges and prosecutors and peacekeepers to identify indicators of trafficking in persons in areas affected by armed conflict in supply chains;