The 2015 high-level review on the implementation of resolution 1325 (2000), mandated under resolution 2122 (2013), provided an important opportunity not only to reflect on the progress made towards the implementation of the resolution, but also to calibrate our collective ambition to promote our shared goal of strengthening the role of women in conflict resolution,

Resolution 2242 (2015) reaffirmed our strong commitment to the normative framework that views women as a pivotal element of the conflict-resolution paradigm. We also welcome resolution 2250 (2015), on youth and peace and security, as an important complement and reinforcement of the women and peace and security agenda.

We agree with the Secretary-General that, despite the momentum for change, support must go beyond words. Renewed focus on the implementation of the common agenda is therefore crucial. That is key to overcoming operational gaps and challenges and to delivering on our promise of peace and security.

The empowerment of women is therefore also essential for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, including those on poverty eradication, health care, education and inclusive development.

My country stands ready to share our experience by conducting training programmes for women security officers so as to enhance their capacity to respond to crisis situations.

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