Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom in Africa

This is a synopsis and visual representation of the initiatives and groups lead by WILPF across the African continent. The basic details of each group are written in a short bio (i.e the foundation date and most recent work) for more information, please check the given WILPF group's website. 

Women Peace And Security E News August 2018

Mobilising Across Africa for Feminist Peace

By Abigail Ruane, WILPF’s Women, Peace and Security Programme Director and Elena Cason, WILPF’s Membership Coordinator

Joint Statement Of Concern On Shrinking Civil Society Space And Increasing Private Sector Exclusivity At UN

Disgrace at the High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development

Big Alcohol, Big Oil and Big Pharma hold meeting in the heart of the UN

New York, United Nations, July 19, 2018 – Civil society groups express deep concern about presence of harmful industries at the United Nations and during the UN High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development  

Civil Society Statement at the High Level Political Forum - Response to the Ministerial Declaration


The 2017 High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development 10-19 July 2017 counted with the participation of almost 2,500 representatives from civil society around the world, an increase of 1,000 from 2016. This is a clear sign of the engagement and commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals on the part of civil society.

2018 Gertrud Baer Seminar

The Gertrud Baer Seminar is structured so that newcomers to WILPF can get together, learn more about the organisation, and thoroughly discuss a variety of topics. It is the only part of Congress open to the public.

Report of the Secretary-General on the United Nations Verification Mission in Colombia (S/2018/723)

Period: March 27-June 20

Prepared by Mikayla Varunok

Marta Lucía Ramírez, Colombia’s first ever female Vice-President-elect (France24.com/ AFP)