Intervención de la persona delegada de las Plataformas de Mujeres con ocasión de la 2a visita a Colombia del Consejo de Seguridad de la ONU Julio 11 2019


Unofficial English Translation - for Spanish original see PDF below.

Intervention of the delegated person of the Women's Platforms on the occasion of the 2nd visit to Colombia by the UN Security Council  

July 11th, 2019 

The platforms of women's organizations, Gender in Peace, GPaz; the National Summit of Women and Peace and the Women's Special Instance to follow up the implementation of the gender approach in the CSIVI Peace Agreement (Monitoring, Encouragement and Verification Commission) to the Implementation of the Final Agreement), welcome the presence of the Security Council of NNUU in the country and its commitment to building peace in Colombia, as well as that of all international community that supports it. Worldwide, the Peace of Colombia is still the most precious public good in the matter. We consider the renewal of the presence of vital importance of the Mission and strengthening the focus of women's rights and gender in the development of his third term. 


We recognize: 

• The recent start of the functioning of the Intersectoral Committee on Guarantees for Women Leaders and Human Rights Defenders to ensure the implementation of the Program of Guarantees for Defenders and Leaders. We also welcome compliance Government of the mandate of the Peace Agreement to give participation to the organizations of women in the National Commission of Guarantees. 

• The implementation of a High-Level Government instance that guarantees compliance of the commitments of the Peace Agreement with women, included in the Framework Plan of Implementation. 

• The advances of the Integral System of Truth, Justice, Reparation and Guarantees of No Repetition SIVJRR in relation to the joint composition, the creation of gender teams and his commitment to women victims. 

• The role of women victims and women's organizations in demanding from the State on the fulfillment of the Peace Agreement and its decisive role so that women victims have centrality in the SIVJRR. 

We are concern: 

• The reconfiguration in the territories of armed actors of the illegal economy that every time imply more to local political and economic forces, the ELN's military actions that increase the risks of women and girls, in all their diversity, and in a particular way they take life alarmingly from the defenders and leaders and people in process of reincorporation. We are also concerned about the growing militarization because the military presence disjointed from the state as a whole does not make us feel safe. 

• The weak institutional response, including the few results of the OTP against the intellectual authors of the attacks on women defenders, which increases in a alarming its risks. The speeches that stigmatize from the power, besides deepening national polarization, increasingly constitute a factor of vulnerability to aggressions 

• Contradictory messages from the government and, in particular, from your party, as opposed to Peace Agreement, which inform of their commitment to compliance while seeking modify it with reforms that destroy it, weakening its essential integrality. This situation is greatly delaying the agreed reforms and with it, the substantial improvement of the situation of human rights of broad sectors of the Colombian population, in particular of women in all their diversity. In this way, the possibility of building a sustainable and lasting peace, necessary for Colombia and the world. 

We urge the Security Council to: 

• Urge the Colombian government to comply with the implementation of the Agreement of Peace in the terms established in it, without destroying its integrality and in particular, renounce the continuity of the pretension to reform and weaken the Integral System of TJRR ( thruth, justice,reparation and non repetition), which is the hope of thousands of women victims in all their diversity, in particular sexual violence, to the effective enjoyment of their rights. 

• Recommend to the Colombian government the strengthening of measures to ensure the compliance with the focus of women's rights and gender in the area of reincorporation and guarantees for the defense of human rights and the exercise of opposition, in order to ensure higher levels of sustainability in these processes. Of equal way, call on the government to pay maximum attention to the implementation of all the gender measures of the Peace Agreement included in the Framework Plan for Implementation as guarantee of acceleration and durability of peace construction. 

• Encourage the State to fully comply with Security Council resolutions on Women, Peace and Security as the best contribution to peace in Colombia.