Mujeres Por El Disarme: Una Mirada al Desarme Desde la Resolución 1325


This report presents information collected between December 2016 and August 2017. It partially uses qualitative methodology implemented and drawn from secondary sources, including reports compiled by state representatives and non-governmental organisations. The report also includes information collected from WILPF’s participation and exchanges in public debates on issues related to conflict and peacebuilding, interviews with people connected to the peace process and a WILPF Colombia-led survey of the experiences of local women across the country. This report has as its central focus the analysis of the Point Three of the Colombian Peace Agreement entitled “End of the Conflict”.

The analysis and evidence presented in this report demonstrate key compliance gaps with international human rights and humanitarian treaties ratified by the government of Colombia. The report presents evidence of the Colombian government’s non-compliance with the duties prescribed by the American Convention on Human Rights, obligations from Article 1.1 of the Inter-American Convention on the Prevention, Punishment and Eradication of Violence Against Women, and the principles of relevant United Nations Resolutions and Conventions.

This document is divided into five chapters. The first chapter offers a reflection on the impact UNSCR 1325 has had in Colombia, with a particular emphasis on the city of Cartagena. The second chapter gives a comparative analysis of disarmament processes around the world, mainly assessing a variety of disarmament processes and their impact on the emergence of new conflicts. The third chapter provides insight by monitoring the FARC-EP disarmament process and analysing its links to women's human rights and security guarantees. The fourth chapter discusses the effects of arms proliferation on women across the country and presents a case study of three territories in which WILPF Colombia has a greater presence (Caquetá, Meta and Bolívar). The fifth chapter presents an analysis of the disarmament process in Colombia and highlights the urgency of the ratification of the Arms Trade Treaty by the government of Colombia to guarantee territorial peace in the country. Finally, specific recommendations for the Colombian government are provided.

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