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“It’s important to be aware of what’s going on in the world and to think about how you can start to make a difference, even when you’re a kid.”

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  1. Tackling Violence against Women: A worldwide approach

    In Tackling Violence against Women WOMANKIND Worldwide shares the stories, struggles, and strategies of people in Zim

    Monday, January 1, 2007
    Reports/Policy Briefs89 177
  2. Women's Economic Empowerment: Meeting the Needs of Impoverished Women

    Many studies have recognized the importance of improving the status of impoverished women.

    Monday, January 1, 2007
    Reports/Policy Briefs89 451
  3. The Prosecution of Sexual Violence in conflict: The Importance of Human Rights as Means of Interpretation.

    This paper considers the evolution of the prosecution of rape under international law, to look at the human rights fr

    Monday, January 1, 2007
    Reports/Policy Briefs89 506
  4. The Protection of Economic, Social and Cultural rights Post-Conflict

    This paper looks at the wide range of economic and social rights implicated in post conflict reconstruction, to asses

    Monday, January 1, 2007
    Reports/Policy Briefs89 507
  5. Legal Tools for the Establishment of Gender Equality through International Law

    The manual starts with a general background on the role of international law and how it can be used in a domestic con

    Monday, January 1, 2007
    Reports/Policy Briefs89 574
  6. Consensus Increases on Rape in International Law

    Rape has always been a part of war and violent conflict.

    Monday, January 1, 2007
    Reports/Policy Briefs89 722
  7. MADAGASCAR: Using Political Clout to Empower Women in Madagascar

    Things have changed in this region of southeastern Madagascar since Moana Essa Raseta became the first woman governor

    Sunday, December 10, 2006
    Pre 2015 News Archive61 602
  8. Gender Handbook for Humanitarian Action: Women, Girls, Boys and Men: Different Needs--Equal Opportunities

    Prepared by members of the Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC), this Handbook aims to provide actors in the field

    Friday, December 1, 2006
    Reports/Policy Briefs89 768
  9. DPKO Policy Directive: Gender Equality in UN Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO)

    This Policy Directive defines and describes requirements for ensuring the equal participation of women, men, girls an

    Friday, November 3, 2006
    Reports/Policy Briefs89 408
  10. Forced Displacement in Colombia: Public Policy, Gender and Initiatives for Reconstruction

    In Colombia, one of the most dramatic social consequences of the armed conflict among guerrilla, paramilitary groups

    Thursday, August 31, 2006
    Reports/Policy Briefs89 820
  11. Meeting Report: Action on Gender Based Violence and HIV/AIDS: Bringing Together Research, Policy, Programming and Advocacy

    In response to the human rights and public health crises posed by both the HIV pandemic and the unabating levels of g

    Thursday, August 10, 2006
    Reports/Policy Briefs89 560
  12. Cries of Women in Politics: Quest for Justice

    Democracy envisages that legitimacy of the power to make decisions about people's lives, society and their country sh

    Tuesday, August 1, 2006
    Reports/Policy Briefs89 541
  13. Survivors: Women Affected by Gun Violence Speak Out

    This compilation contains only a sample of the testimonies that have been contributed to the IANSA Women's Network.

    Thursday, June 1, 2006
    Reports/Policy Briefs89 132
  14. ALGERIA: The Women Speak

    The 200,000 dead and 8,000 disappeared of Algeria's long civil war were almost all men.

    Tuesday, April 11, 2006
    Pre 2015 News Archive61 403
  15. Human Rights Report Liberia

    Liberia is a constitutional republic with a population of approximately 3.5 million.

    Wednesday, March 8, 2006
    Reports/Policy Briefs89 723
  16. The Perils of Direct Provision: UNHCR's Response to the Fuel Needs of Bhutanese Refugees

    Approximately 105,000 Bhutanese refugees currently live in camps in eastern Nepal.

    Wednesday, March 1, 2006
    Reports/Policy Briefs89 190
  17. Displaced Women and Girls at Risk: Risk Factors, Protection Solutions and Resource Tools

    There is a growing understanding among practitioners and policy makers that the experiences of women and girls vary s

    Wednesday, February 1, 2006
    Reports/Policy Briefs89 188