The Twinning Effect: WILPF Sweden Trip to Nigeria

This month, WILPF Sweden and WILPF DRC visited sister section, WILPF Nigeria, for twinning exercises among the three sections. The process of twinning, or exchanging learning about each other's similarities and differences across borders, is one way we share share experiences and work to make each one of our sections stronger and more efficient.

This month's twinning exercise builds on a previous meeting in DRC with WILPF Colombia, Costa Rica, and Nigeria, with a particular emphasis by WILPF Sweden on pursuing twinning efforts. During this trip, WILPFers were able to discuss ongoing and future collaborations including work on UNSC 1325 National Action Plans, and also discuss the possible expansion of WILPF's work in the African region. Learning from each other's similarities and differences through this regional meeting allowed the different WILPF sections to develop and strengthen each group's individual capacity. Additionally, the sections were also able to contribute to the broader strength of WILPF's message and work on peace and freedom as a whole.

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