WILPF-Nigeria Celebrates Launch of Nigeria SCR 1325 NAP

Nigeria launched its National Action Plan (NAP) on the implementation of the United Nations Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 1325 on Tuesday, August 27th, 2013, at the Federal Capital Territory of Abuja. The event was hosted by the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Women Affairs, who was responsible for driving the process of the National Action Plan in partnership with development partners. WILPF Nigeria actively participated in the regional consultations that took place and thus in recognition of the work we have been doing on the ground, were invited to partake in the event. There was a technical session with civil society organizations and other organizations present, chaired by the consultants that helped drive the process.

WILPF Nigeria is very happy at this recent development and will continue to work in consultation with sister organizations and the Federal Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development to create awareness on the NAP and closely monitor the implementation process. We look forward to contributing our insights about lessons learned at UNWomen's Global Review of National Action Plans in New York this November 2013.

We are happy to note that most of the inputs and concerns raised were taken care of in the final document. We however also note that the NAP is not an end but rather a means to an end, and therefore implore the Government to work in close collaboration with civil society to ensure successful implementation of the process and also to allocate funds in the budget to ensure smooth implementation.

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